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Mentor Program

The mission of our mentor program is to aid in supporting the termination of generational incarceration, as well as, provide the support needed for first time offenders and lower recidivism rates. Our mentors work to build a trusting relationship with the students, support them in transition upon release, support in further education, employability opportunities and overall emotional support.  Our goal is to help the youth become productive citizens and  great future leaders in our communities.

Mentor Role

Our mentors begin the process of establishing a relationship with their students during the incarceration period.  By attending employability soft skills classes facilitated by Second Chance 4 Youth, weekly phone calls, and bi-monthly monthly visits to the facility.  Additionally, our mentors support their youth by attending progress hearings, and monthly team meetings that are organized through the staff at the facilities.  The extra support offered allows an opportunity for the mentors to connect with the families of the youth and build a stronger support system.  Trust is a vital key to the success of our mentorship program.  Post release of our students, the mentor continues to build on the friendship through support in educational direction, career opportunities, shared community experience in the form of sports events, concerts, hikes, lunches and dinners, as well as, check-in phone calls.  We believe in the value of the consistency while building a strong trusting friendship.





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