Post Incarceration Employment Opportunities

Our Goal

At SC4Y, we know that it can be difficult to find a job after leaving incarceration.  So, as part of our plan to rehabilitate and nurture those who have just left detention, Second Chance 4 Youth will be opening a rotisserie chicken food truck, and will offer employment to those within our program. This will allow us to teach the boys about honesty, integrity, accountability, economic and entrepreneurial literacy while providing them an opportunity for steady income. 

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All donations to Second Chance 4 Youth are tax-deductible and used only to advance our mission of mentoring young men and women through proven programs that reduce recidivism, promote self-reliance, and contribute to personal and professional success.

About Second Chance 4 Youth

Second Chance 4 Youth is a Utah based non-profit program dedicated to helping incarcerated youth during and after their post release phase.  The goal is to help these “at risk” youth to begin a new chapter experiencing the American Dream. It is founded on four foundational tenets introduced to the early 1900 Black Community by Booker T. Washington.  By embracing these tenets, this community during the 1940’s, 50’s and mid-60’s, led our nation in the growth of its middle class, the commitment of men to marriage, the percentage of entrepreneurs and the percentage of men matriculating from college.

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