How To Apply

Write Us A Virtual Letter

To be accepted to Second Chance 4 Youth you need to write us a letter asking for help. We need to know a little bit about your story and why you are wanting to change. We will interview you and if we accept you, we will provide you a letter of acceptance. After you are accepted, one of our staff members will give you an orientation about what is offered to you and the commitment we expect from you.

When Does the Mentoring Start

  •  Students will initially write a letter to SC4Y for acceptance
  •  After the letter is received, we set up a short interview
  •  We then notify the student that they have been accepted into the program
  •  Students then receive a brief orientation of SC4Y and what we offer and what we expect from them
  •  We would like the mentor-student relationship to start typically 3 months prior to release if possible(more discussion needed on this topic) 

Student Pledge

If you are selected for mentorship, you will be asked to sign the following “Student Pledge” confirming your acceptance into the program

  •  I understand my Mentor is giving his time and energy to help me become a young man with self-respect, honesty, help me with my challenges; by sharing his stories, experience, strength, hope and advice
  • I pledge to commit regular time and energy to learn from SC4Y and my mentor as they help me develop and achieve my future goals
  • I understand that being accepted to SC4Y will require a few hours of my time each month
  • I will respect the efforts of SC4Y and respecting my mentor by responding to calls, text and emails within 48 hours, even if it’s only to let them know that I am busy and when I can be in touch
  • I understand that it is not appropriate to ignore or fail to respond to my mentor’s – just as it would be inappropriate not to respond to my parents, supervisor, teacher, or counselor
  • I commit to building a relationship with my mentor and respecting any differences we may have
  • If at any point, I no longer want to be a part of SC4Y or its mentor, no longer participate in the program, I promise to notify my mentor about my situation as soon as possible

I acknowledge the above statements, and I am willing to commit my time and energy to a mentoring relationship with SC4Y

Ready To Make A Difference?

The next generation needs our help and we need yours. Donate or volunteer and help us make the future a brighter place for our kids.