About Us

Meet The Founder:

Burgess Owens

Second Chance 4 Youth is a non-profit service organization founded by Burgess Owens, former All-Pro NFL Super Bowl Champion, and governed by an engaged board of directors.

About Second Chance 4 Youth

Second Chance 4 Youth is a Utah based non-profit program dedicated to helping incarcerated youth during and after their post release phase.  The goal is to help these “at risk” youth to begin a new chapter experiencing the American Dream. It is founded on four foundational tenets introduced to the early 1900 Black Community by Booker T. Washington.  By embracing these tenets, this community during the 1940’s, 50’s and mid-60’s, led our nation in the growth of its middle class, the commitment of men to marriage, the percentage of entrepreneurs and the percentage of men matriculating from college.

Those four tenets are:


Education and Critical Thinking Skills


God, Service, Compassion & Empathy


Industry, Self-Reliance and Love of Work



How It Works

Second Chance 4 Youth provides the tools, support, environment, and post-incarceration career opportunities to those seeking to be productive citizens.  We provide vocational training, counseling, mentoring, and leadership training.  Highlighted throughout this initiative is the recognition of the blessing of being an American, where the concept of second chances is innate and within the core of its DNA.

Our emphasis is not on drugs, alcohol or crimes committed.  Rather, we focus on behavior and learning to live a life of honesty, empathy, and accountability.  Participants in our program represent some of society’s serious social problems.  We have staff members and mentors that are living examples of the efficacy of the program.  They themselves have done everything our juveniles are asked to do.  Thus, they have the credibility to show the juveniles how to change as they have done.

Qualified juveniles must be willing to commit to a process of personal change.  We ask that our participants not just be responsible for their own growth – but take on the responsibility for the growth of others and the community as well.  Each step empowers them to help others along the way.  We want to create a mindset that you are responsible, caring for and helping others.

All of our juvenile participants apply to SC4Y voluntarily. All that is required is a strong desire to change and a willingness to do whatever is asked of them to bring about change. We encourage and assist all of our students to receive an education, acquire marketable vocational and social skills; and earn the self-respect necessary to let go of their past.  For most, this is the most difficult thing they have ever done.

SC4Y Principles:

“Work hard, keep a good attitude, and don’t get caught up”

  •        100% Accountability
  •       Self-Reliance
  •       Each One Teach One
  •       Faith
  •       Community
  •       Entrepreneurship


Why It Works


At Second Chance 4 Youth, we don’t dwell on the effects of drugs on the brain, what crimes we’ve committed, or try to analyze why life dealt us the hand it did. Ultimately, we don’t think that matters.  What really matters is whether not our incarcerated students are tired of the life they have and are willing to put in the very difficult work necessary to create a real, legitimate, successful, and law-abiding life going forward during and after release.


Regardless of the crimes our juvenile students committed or the destructive lifestyles they chose to live, or their backgrounds, ages, or lifestyles – they share many of the same challenges. In our experience dealing with young, incarcerated juveniles, we find that our students often need help with trusting others, self-esteem, tolerance for discomfort or frustration, coping with feelings and controlling their impulses, dealing with authority, interpersonal and communication skills, working hard, keeping a good attitude and not getting caught in conflicts.

We have discovered, in their short-lived lives, that when incarcerated juveniles discover that they have tremendous and productive strengths, which may include intelligence, artistic, musical or athletic talents, wit and sense of humor, creativity, leadership skills, etc., we can use these strengths to help them address their challenges.

Ready To Make A Difference?

The next generation needs our help and we need yours. Donate or volunteer and help us make the future a brighter place for our kids.