Mentoring Leaders for tomorrow 

Second Chance 4 Youth provides the tools, support, environment and post-incarceration career opportunities to those seeking to be productive citizens.

Letter from Our Founder

The vision of Second Chance 4 Youth began prior to my NFL retirement in 1983. It was powered by my upbringing in the 1960’s, during the era of KKK, Jim Crow and Segregation. It was within my proud and successful Tallahassee community where we were taught the four tenants that provide a pathway to success for any American, regardless of color, creed or culture. It was upon these tenants of Faith, Family, Free Market and Education that Second Chance 4 Youth was founded. 


Booker T. Washington taught, “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.”  The mission of Second Chance 4 Youth is to provide this invisible generation of teenage boys and girls leaving the juvenile system, with important life skills learned through education, mentoring and career opportunities. These opportunities aid in overcoming their previous negative environments and bad decisions to discover their potential within. Granting our teenagers access to these tenants will give them a second chance to live their American Dream. Second Chance 4 Youth will provide a needed doorway.


America’s future relies on today’s generations’ capability to process a vision, have the tenacity to overcome and the desire to work. I invite you to help us in this worthy cause. 

Burgess Owens, Founder of Second Change 4 Youth

Make a Difference

Become a Mentor

One of the most valuable ways to make an impact is by sharing your time directly with someone who needs guidance. Become a youth mentor and be a positive influence in the lives of those who need it most. It takes only about 20 minutes per week. Learn more about joining our team of youth mentors.  

Make a Tax-Deductible Donation

All donations to Second Chance 4 Youth are tax-deductible and used only to advance our mission of mentoring young men and women through proven programs that reduce recidivism, promote self-reliance, and contribute to personal and professional success.

The Invisible Generation


Percent of incarcerated juveniles without fathers. [1]


Percent of juveniles incarcerated for nonviolent offenses. [2]


Percent of the approx 60k youths in detention that are 16 or older. [3]


Percent of previously incarerated youth who will become repeat offenders within 24 months. [4]


Percent of youths detained who will never return to school. [5]


Percent of abused or neglected youth who are more likely to be arrested as a juvenile. [6]


Percent of youth in Missouri who attend treatment programs in groups of 30 or less that DO NOT become repeat offenders. [7]

The average yearly cost to incarcerate a single child in juvenile facilities. [9]

Our Sources

[1] Fulton Co. Georgia jail populations, Texas Dept. of Corrections 1992







How to Help

Donate Money

A simple and effective way for an individual to make a big impact is by donating to help fund the programs and people that make this dream possible.


If funds are limited but you still want to help, becoming a positive role model can make a world of difference to our teens.

Become a Corporate Partner

If your company has the resources, we need your help to make our vision a reality.

From Our Partners

The generosity of citizens stepping up and getting involved or donating funds is what keeps our mission alive. We sincerely thank our many partners. Here’s what a few of them have to say:

Second Chance 4 Youth is a phenomenal organization to be a part of to help individuals get back on track, to provide the influence they need in their lives, and the resources they need to reach their full potential.

Austin Collie

Ex-NFL Player, Indianapolis Colts

Second Chance 4 Youth is because of Burgess Owens, and some of his passions to help youth, I can relate to. Second Chance 4 Youth changes lives.

Mike Haynes

NFL Hall Of Fame L.A. Raiders, New England Patriots

I’m happy to be here for Second Chance 4 Youth, There’s not a finer program.

Mark Wilson

NFL Q.B., Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots

One of the things I love about Second Chance 4 Youth is that it matches up mentors and those that are seeking a new life, and a clean slate; Mentors help give our teens a chance to learn job skills, life skills. It gives people an opportunity again to live the American Dream.

Sean Reyes

Attorney General, State of Utah

Perry Homes is proud to support Second Chance 4 Youth and their mission to help provide at risk youth with the tools, support, environment, career opportunities, and mentoring as they seek to be productive citizens.  The principles of Second Chance 4 Youth directly align with the principles of Perry Homes.  As we build high quality communities in Utah, Second Chance 4 Youth builds high quality youth.  We are proud to support Second Chance 4 Youth in building better people and communities. 

Perry Homes

As a think tank that puts ideas into action, Sagamore Institute is honored to partner with Second Chance 4 Youth innovational model.  Incarcerated youth are invisible to most Americans.  Burgess Owens and his team make sure that we see those kids as made in God’s image and full of promise.  

Sagamore Institute

I’m very fortunate to join Second Chance 4 Youth and young men that are literally changing their lives because they have a second chance.

Ronnie Lott

Super Bowl Champion, All-Pro San Francisco 49er’s

Our greatest resource is our youth. Second Chance 4 Youth gives young people an opportunity to make something of their lives.

Scott Mitchell

NFL Q.B., Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Baltimore Ravens

Second Chance 4 Youth is such a great program.

Lee Johnson

NFL Punter, 18 Seasons

Just because I made a mistake, it doesn’t mean I am a mistake. I have spent over a decade helping create the conditions in which people will die, and I plan on spending the rest of it helping people live.

Russell Pearson

SC4Y Mentor

Who we are as individuals is important; just as important as what we give to each other in our communities.  Mentoring is a time capsule that brides the gap between our past and their future.

Greggory Youngblood

SC4Y Mentor

USANA Health Science is privileged to support Second Chance 4 Youth.  Participating in a process where we see youth with no prospect of a positive future transform into capable, responsible citizens with huge potential is extremely rewarding.  Because of being able to provide financial support. mentoring, and make career opportunities available for youth needing a second chance, USANA is a much better company and community partner.  Thank you Second Chance 4 Youth!


Ready To Make A Difference?

The next generation needs our help and we need yours. Donate or volunteer and help us make the future a brighter place for our kids.